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Hard-wired communications provides a CRYSTAL CLEAR, FAIL-SAFE link between the signalman and operator. Good reliable communications have been proven to help prevent accidents.

CraneCom Overview

The 320 CraneCom system is a hardwired fail-safe communication system designed specifically for crane operations. It provides a safer working environment for all workers while crane operations are being directed. System consists of a Master Unit and 3 phone units. Each phone unit can have up to 1,000 ft of cable connected. Built using the latest technology, and phone units using high impact nylon plastic materials and the master unit electronics enclosed in heavy duty die-cast aluminum enclosure.

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Operators Overview

The operator controls which phone unit needs to be on monitoring so that he is only listening to the signalman who is giving him instructions, or he can listen to all 3 simultaneously. The Master Unit’s computer controlled warning alarms and backup battery system alert the operator when a phone unit is disconnected, or if the main power source is lost. Now with video to give the operator added information so that he can anticipate and control movements safer and more smoothly.

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Signalmans Overview

The Signalman is the eyes and ears of the operator. He is normally in the monitoring mode and therefore can either hold the phone unit, or place nearby and still be heard clearly by the operator. Phone is ergonomically designed to be comfortable hold be hung by the handle hooks.

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Phone Unit (Shown with optional video camera)


CraneCom versus Walkie-Talkie Radios

Product ComparisonCraneCom SystemWalkie-Talkies
Backup Battery PowerYes
Weather & Impact ProofYes
Multiple Power Source OptionsYes
Systems Failure Warning AlarmsYes
Hands-Free Talking & MonitoringYes
Ergonomically Designed For ComfortYes
Crystal Clear Uninterupted CommunicationsYes
Specifically Designed For Safe Crane OperationsYes
Secure Dedicated Link Between Operator & SignalmanYes
FCC Licensing RequiredYes

Made in the USA

McKee products are designed and made in the USA and come with a 5 Year Limited Warranty. Our products incorporate the latest technology and are built with strict quality control in order to guarantee reliability and performance. Recommended by OSHA.